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Discoloration Corrector Oil


The specific function is to correct blemishes and moisturize extremely dry skin without being greasy or sticky.

  • Fix complexion issues on all skin
  • Our body oil helps with skin toning
  • Whitening and skin clarifying
  • It has penetration enhancers that allow it to sink into your pores, and not just sit on top of your skin, so it carries all of the ingredients into the deeper skin layer

You will end up with younger-looking more healthy youthful skin.



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Our Discolouration and corrector Oils, hydrate, brightens, and correct skin discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation or any form of damage. Can be used alone.


  • Best used right after showering and toweling dry
  • Shake the bottle and apply all over.

It contains all the good oils your body loves, it completely absorbs into the skin and blends well without being greasy.



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